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Worksite Wellness Specialist Certification Course

July 11, 2022 >> August 21, 2022
The premier training program for worksite wellness, human resources, benefits, and interdisciplinary professionals who are responsible for the management and maintenance of a well workforce.

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Mastering Workplace Wellness Laws Certificate

July 15, 2022 | 12-week self-study
Achieve a deeper understanding of the critical laws, procedures, and practices that impact workplace wellness programs to improve program design and outcomes.

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Wellness That Works: Beyond DEI

July 19, 2022 >> August 29, 2022
Gain tools and skills to effectively engage and lead individuals whose worldviews are different from your own, while championing high-level wellness for all.

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The National Wellness Institute (NWI) is the global leader of professional development and engagement for individuals who drive multidimensional, multicultural, high-level wellness strategies from a variety of professional disciplines.

High-level wellness is defined as functioning optimally within the current environment.  Successful wellness strategies are multidimensional and multicultural.  High-level wellness is achieved when there are sustainable shifts to behaviors, mindsets, and practices.

Multidimensional Wellness

competency model

Wellness Competencies

Multicultural Wellness Wheel

Multicultural Wellness

Highly successful wellness practitioners are always looking to evolve their competencies.  Are you evolving your knowledge, skills, and capabilities?  Does that include building your global network?



It is difficult to be successful alone. Our diverse community of wellness practitioners provides the forum you need to learn, grow, and connect — so you can lead the change


Get your whole wellness team connected to the information they need to successfully manage comprehensive wellness at your place of business.


We seek opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations, so we can learn from each other and connect to expertise across multiple disciplines.


We connect our future leaders and provide early access to mentors, leaders, and the latest trends while preparing them for a growing career in wellness.
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