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Membership Committee

To help NWI further its mission, vision, and operational obligations, the membership committee serves as a support, guide, and advisor to NWI staff on all aspects of NWI membership from member enrollment and welcoming, to member benefits, to ongoing member engagement and connection. The membership committee works to create the conditions and resources for optimal member enrollment, engagement, encouragement, benefit, and value.

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Council on Wellness Certification Excellence

The National Wellness Institute (NWI) Council on Wellness Certification Excellence (CWCE) determines and maintains standards for NWI certifications. This council serves as the decision-making body to evaluate Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) applications, review current knowledge and skills requirements for health promotion and wellness professionals, and set continuing education requirements.

Multicultural Competency Committee

The Multicultural Competency (MCC) Committee aspires to ensure that all global wellness practices are inclusive and equitable. This committee is focused on expanding knowledge, awareness, and skills for wellness practitioners to better understand organizations and underrepresented and marginalized communities. Based on content developed by industry experts and a strong brand reputation, this volunteer-led committee provides a holistic approach to multidimensional wellness.

Emerging Wellness Professionals

NWI wants to motivate emerging wellness professionals (EWP) to become active members of the organization and support NWI’s efforts to engage and empower the wellness leaders of tomorrow. We consider anyone new to the field of wellness an emerging wellness professional — whether you are just graduating college or changing careers later in life.

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