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Membership Committee

NWI Membership Committee

To help NWI further its mission, vision, and operational obligations, the membership committee serves as a support, guide, and advisor to NWI staff on all aspects of NWI membership from member enrollment and welcoming, to member benefits, to ongoing member engagement and connection. The membership committee works to create the conditions and resources for optimal member enrollment, engagement, encouragement, benefit, and value. 

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Joel Bennett | PhD, CWP
President – Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems
Fort Worth, Texas
Joel’s NWI Member Profile

Laura Brownlee, MS
Wellness Consultant
Knoxville, TN
Laura’s NWI Member Profile

Zandile Dlamini
NWI Scholarship Recipient | Freedom Park
Pretoria, South Africa
Zandile’s NWI Member Profile

Sherri Galle-Teske
Stevens Point, WI
Sherri’s NWI Member Profile

Chuck Gillespie
Interim Executive Director – National Wellness Institute
Indianapolis, IN
Chuck’s NWI Member Profile

Christina Watson
Senior Director – Wellbeing
Executive Director – Vanaveda
Dehradun, Utarakhand, India
Christina’s NWI Member Profile


Michele Mariscal, CPLP
2018-19 Membership Chair
Prevention Specialist – Schools Insurance Authority
Sacramento, CA
Michele’s NWI Member Profile

Lisa Medley, M.A, B.A.
Owner – Soulistic Arts
West Warwick, RI
Lisa’s NWI Member Profile

Vancouver, WA
Lana’s NWI Member Profile  

Nicole Stec MBA. CWP
Health & Wellness Manager & Strategist
Mesa, AZ
Nicole’s NWI Member Profile

Kristina Watanabe, ACSM, CPT, CWA, A.A.S., CWP
Owner – Wings of Fire Consulting LLC
Racine, WI
Kristina’s NWI Member Profile