Student Chapters

Interested in starting an NWI Student Chapter?

NWI Student Chapters are groups of 5 or more students at a college or university who, along with a faculty advisor, come together to become familiar with a variety of professional roles in the wellness, health promotion, and related health care fields.

An official NWI Student Chapter is a great way for students to:
  • Network with professionals as they assemble their career goals.
  • Become contributing members of a student organization that is connected with a nationally-recognized professional organization.
  • Build a professional network and locate quality internships.
  • Receive recognition for leadership activities.
  • Access professional materials and resources at an affordable level.

Successful student chapters are not accidental. They take initiative, planning and renewal. Most of all, they require a dedicated group of students who take the time to have fun while learning new skills and expanding their knowledge base.

The annual membership for an NWI Student Chapter is $300 and includes 5 student memberships and one faculty advisor. Additional student memberships can be added for $30/student. The faculty advisor may remove/replace individual students on the membership at any time during the membership year.

To start a student chapter, call the National Wellness Institute at 715-342-2969 or select Student Chapter when you join online.

What makes a chapter successful?

Click here for a helpful handout to starting and maintaining an NWI Student Chapter.

Already have an NWI Student Chapter?

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