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Optimize Your Health and Wellness with Genetic Testing

Your genotype can reveal many dimensions of your health and help you improve your diet, control your weight, and get the most out of your exercise. With a doctor’s advice, your genotype can be used to help select medication best suited for you. Not only does genetic testing benefit the individual, but it can now personalize and improve many companies’ products and services. Find out how you can benefit from this technology today.
The National Wellness Institute Partners with Advanced Genomic Solutions

The National Wellness Institute (NWI) is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) to bring innovative, private, safe, secure, and science-based health and wellness genetic testing to all NWI members and non-members alike. As a part of this new and innovative offering, NWI and AGS will be offering exceptional discounts on individual testing and access to all AGS Corporate Genetic, Voluntary Benefit, and Provider Programs.


Corporate and Voluntary Benefits Programs

Enhance your organization by offering health and wellness genetic testing.

Multiple case studies demonstrate significant cost savings and health improvements for companies and employed team members who participate in genetic-driven corporate wellness and voluntary benefit programs. As a global leader in business-to-business genetic testing solutions, AGS offers comprehensive and custom-designed Corporate Genetic & Voluntary Benefit Programs to a variety of organizations around the globe. AGS works with each individual entity to arrange: presentations on the benefits of AGS genetic testing, employer and/or employee-subsidized pricing, easy DNA sample collection, AGS consultation options, pre-and post-test surveys, the delivery of aggregated and de-identified data, and training for company representatives to overview tests and integrate robust health and wellness solutions.

Provider Program

Enhance your program/practice by offering health and wellness genetic testing.

The AGS Provider Program is open to all wellness, nutrition, fitness, athletic, and medical/clinical professionals looking to integrate AGS genetic testing into their professional practices and with existing clients/patients as a differentiating tool and add-on service. AGS offers approved and authorized providers exceptional wholesale discounts and retail commission opportunities. Key benefits include: the addition of an innovative science-based service to new and existing programs without the need for additional education or certification, the ability to customize personal health plans for clients/patients, the opportunity to provide personalized vs. generalized advice, increased professional confidence extensive ROI opportunities, enhanced client engagement and compliance, and extensive integration genetic testing and consultation training/support.

AGS Individual

Individual Tests

Understand your unique genetic makeup to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Better health starts with health awareness. Using the latest discoveries in genetic research, AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Tests profile and analyze those genes that make your genome unique in terms of optimal health, wellness, and athletic performance. Possessing knowledge of your genetic information can empower you to make informed and educated decisions about your body and improve lifestyle choices around diet, exercise, nutrition, behavior, stress, weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more.

Health & Wellness Genetic Test

Premium Health & Wellness Report

51 genes & 60+ SNPs | 36+ pages & 9 categories

  • Category #1: “Your Macronutrients”
  • Category #2: “Your Fats”
  • Category #3: “Your Beverages”
  • Category #4: “Your Vitamins & Supplements”
  • Category #5: “Your Behavior”
  • Category #6: “Your Exercise & Activity”
  • Category #7: “Your Stress Response”
  • Category #8: “Your Health”
  • Category #9: “Health Awareness & Effort Score”

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Skin Health Genetic Test

AGS SkinHealth™ Genetic Test

Achieve and maintain optimal skin health that will last a lifetime.

While you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can take active steps to reduce the risk of aging and certain negative skin effects. Personalized genetic information about your unique skin and skin type allows you to focus on modifiable lifestyle factors such as your skincare regimen, what products you use, and altering your diet or adding appropriate vitamin supplements to positively impact skin health and encourage skin repair. To support your efforts toward healthy skin, AGS has developed a proprietary algorithm that identifies your Overall Skin Summary Wheel. This section of your personal AGS SkinHealth™ Genetic Test report takes into account Skin Elasticity & Firmness, Environmental Sensitivity, Vitamins and Antioxidants, and Overall Skin Condition. As the body’s largest organ, genetics plays a major role in keeping skin bright and healthy for a lifetime.

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Health & Wellness Genetic Test

NutraFit™ Health & Wellness Report

23 genes & 25 SNPs | 12+ pages & 4 categories

  • Category #1: “Your Macronutrients”
  • Category #2: “Your Food Choice”
  • Category #3: “Your Vitamins & Supplements”
  • Category #4: “Your Exercise & Activity”

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Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test

AGS Drug Sensitivity/Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Genetic Test

Improve medication safety & efficacy by understanding how your genes affect your reaction to drugs.

Your response to a specific drug can be affected by inherited genetic variations. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how individual patients respond to specific medications based on their genetic make-up. Using the latest discoveries in PGx, the AGS Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test profiles and analyzes your unique genetic characteristics in terms of drug effectiveness and safety. Knowledge of your genetic information can guide you and your physicians to make more precise medical choices, decrease trial and error prescribing, avoid serious Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), and dramatically improve clinical outcomes. Both predictive and preventative, this test ensures you are on the correct medication and dosage from the beginning. Each comprehensive report delivers detailed metabolic information and dosing recommendations on over 465 FDA approved medications in 12 different medication classes, in addition to beverages and recreational-use drugs.

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Who is Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS)?

AGS is a global leader in business-to-business genetic testing solutions. Focused on optimizing personal health management, AGS empowers clients to make smarter lifestyle choices based on their unique genes.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Central Hong Kong, AGS owns its own CLIA/CAP certified genetic testing laboratory and is passionate about protecting consumer privacy. AGS delivers actionable, easy-to-understand genetic reports in personal “genetic owner’s manuals” designed to support overall health, improve lives, enhance personal nutrition, optimize exercise and activity choices, identify crucial medication needs, and much more.

What is AGS GeneShield™?

AGS GeneShield™ is a proprietary combination of policies and procedures designed to protect the personal and private genetic data of each individual AGS client. Unlike most genetic testing, genetic software, and/or genetic data informatics companies, AGS does not sell, share, disclose, or transfer individual client data to any third party or use client data for research purposes.

In compliance with GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008) and in accordance with HIPAA national standards, AGS upholds the highest standards of bioethics and maintains rigorous policies and procedures to keep client data safe, secure, and encrypted. AGS does not, under any circumstances, provide individual genetic data to employers. Only aggregated, de-identified data is made available to employers for the evaluation of health improvements measures through existing wellness programs.