Wellness Awards

The National Wellness Institute recognizes wellness professionals through the following prestigious wellness awards. These include the Halbert L. Dunn Wellness Award, the William B. Baun Lifetime Achievement Award, the Circle of Leadership Award, and the Emerging Wellness Professional Award.

NWI Halbert L. Dunn Wellness Award

Dr. Halbert L. Dunn, often referred to as the “father of the wellness movement,” introduced the concept of wellness in a series of lectures in the 1950s. The lectures provided the basis for his book, High-Level Wellness, which was published in 1961. The National Wellness Institute’s Halbert L. Dunn Wellness Award is the most prestigious award presented by the National Wellness Institute and is regarded as one of the highest honors in the health promotion and wellness fields. Recipients of the award have shown a dedication to wellness over the course of their lifetime, making many significant contributions and offering leadership that furthered the field of wellness.

NWI William B. Baun Lifetime Achievement Award

The William B. Baun Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who have an outstanding history of service both to the wellness industry and to the National Wellness Institute. Individuals who receive the award have helped grow the field of wellness and have made significant contributions to the overall discipline of wellness. By serving in key roles associated with NWI, recipients of this award have made a profound impact on the wellness of individuals, organizations, and communities.

The NWI Circle of Leadership Award

The NWI Circle of Leadership provides the National Wellness Institute with a forum for recognizing outstanding individuals and organizations for their contributions to the field of wellness and, specifically, for their efforts to support the National Wellness Institute and its mission. Inductees serve as ambassadors for NWI and its programs and assist in spreading the wellness message throughout the world.

The NWI Emerging Wellness Professional Award

The National Wellness Institute’s Emerging Wellness Professional Award recognizes the work and impact of newcomers to the wellness industry.

The NWI Multicultural Competency Award

The NWI Multicultural Competency (MCCAward, presented by the NWI MCC Wellness Committee, honors a person who: 1) demonstrates leadership in promoting and enhancing multicultural competency and inclusion in wellness and education and practice, and 2) supports the mission and goals of the NWI MCC Wellness Committee and, thus, the inclusiveness efforts of NWI.

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