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Circle of Leadership Award

The NWI Circle of Leadership provides the National Wellness Institute with a forum for recognizing outstanding individuals and organizations for their contributions to the field of wellness and, specifically, for their efforts to support the National Wellness Institute and its mission. Inductees serve as ambassadors for NWI and its programs and assist in spreading the wellness message throughout the world.

NWI Circle of Leadership inductees:

  • Exhibit a history of service and leadership in the health and wellness promotion field.
  • Make significant contributions to the National Wellness Institute and the National Wellness Conference.
  • Engage in practices that advance and promote health and wellness.
The goals for NWI Circle of Leadership are to:
  • Give feedback and advice to NWI as it seeks to expand the reach of NWI programs.
  • Provide a voice of leadership to NWI.
  • Serve as ambassadors for NWI and the National Wellness Conference.
  • Assist in spreading the wellness message throughout the world.
2019 Inductees

Nikki E. Akparewa, RN, MPH, MSN
Fabiana Cheistwer, MS, CWP, CWWPM
Novelette A. DeMercado, MS, CWWS, NBC-HWC
Samantha Diedrich MS, CWP, CWHC

2018 Inductees

Susan Morgan Bailey, MS, CHES®, CIC®
Lisa Medley, MA, CMT
Rob Owens, EdD, CSCS
Bridgette Stewart, MEd, CWP

2017 Inductees

William McPeck, MSW, CWWPC, WLPC
Carrie Phelps, PhD, BCC
Lana Saal, EdD, MS
Sallie Scovill, PhD

2016 Inductees

Shanen Aranmor, MS, NCC, CWI/CWE
Billie Frances, LMFT, BCC, CWP
Laura Putnam, MA
Jim Strohecker

2013 Inductees

Frank Ardito, EdD, MS, CWP, RCEP
Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC, CWP, BCC
Mary Miscisin, MS
Lori Morgan Flood, M.Ed., CWP

2012 Inductees

Betsy Barrett, PhD, CWP
Ra Kabeer, ND, AC, CMT, OBW
Mary Lynne Zahler, MA, CWP, MCHES®, LSW, CLSS, CFLE


2009 Inductees

R Anne Abbott, PhD
David Anderson
Steven Malcolm Berg-Smith, MS, CWP
Hans Diehl, Dr HSc
Roger Jahnke, OMD
Jeana Magyar-Moe, PhD
Kelly Putnam, MA
Paul Terry
Aldrenna Williams, Dr PH

2008 Inductees

Michael Arloski, PhD
Craig Becker, PhD, CWP
Joel Bennett, PhD, CWP
MaryBeth Pappas Baun, M.Ed., CWP
Bob Boyd, OAM, MEnvComH, BHMS, PE
Ken Holtyn, MS
Marty Loy, PhD, CWP
Don Powell, PhD, FAWHP

2007 Inductees

James Carman, MS
Brian Luke Seaward, PhD, CWP
Barbara Harris, MA
Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES®, CWP
Karen Wolfe, MBBS (Syd), MA

2006 Inductees

Troy Adams, PhD
Fern Carness, RN, MPH, FAWHP
Gloria Elder, MA, CPIV, CHES®
Tom Ferguson, MD
Bill Gaertner, MD, MS
David Gobble, PhD
Anne Helmke
Jane Jones, PhD, CWP
Donald Kemper, MPH
Deb Kern, PhD
Molly Mettler, MSW
Jonathan Robison, PhD, MS
Joe Sullivan, MS

2005 Inductees

Bill Hettler, MD, CWP
Dennis Elsenrath, EdD, CWP
Craig Washington, EdD
Ken Rentmeester, MPH
Elaine Sullivan, EdD, LPC, LMFT
Judd Allen, PhD, CWP
Ahnna Lake, MD
William B. Baun, EPD, FAWHP, CWP
Jack Travis, MD, MPH
Ministry Health Care | Rice Medical Center | Saint Michael’s Hospital
Sandy Queen
John Munson, PhD, CWP
Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP
Jennie Trotter, Med
Don Tubesing, Mdiv, PhD
Don Ardell, PhD
Carlene Sippola
Fred Leafgren, PhD
Jana Stanfield
Stephanie Whiting, MA, MS
George Pfieffer, MSE
Bob Fellows, MTS
Larry Chapman, MPH, CWP


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