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Emerging Wellness Professional Award

The National Wellness Institute’s (NWI) Emerging Wellness Professional Award (EWP) recognizes the work and impact of newcomers to the wellness industry. 

    NWI Emerging Wellness Professional awardee is offered:
    • A position on the Emerging Wellness Professionals Task Force
    • FREE voucher for the National Wellness Conference, including paid flight, travel, and lunch the year the award is presented to them.
    • A free annual NWI membership.
    The position on the Emerging Wellness Task Force entails:
    • Effective leadership to engage the next generations in the wellness and healthcare industry to get involved with the NWI
    • Mentoring the succeeding awardee at the end of their term
    • Supporting leadership development among emerging professionals in wellness and healthcare
    • Offering insight to effective programming and strategies to NWI leadership for connecting to emerging professionals.

    2019: Suzanne Hunt, MPH, CWP, CHC

    Shown left to right: NWI Board President Linda Howard, JD, CHC, Suzanne Hunt, MPH, CWP, CHC, and Bridgette Stewart, MEd, CWP

    2018: Romuald Antoine Jr., CPT, CHC

    Shown left to right: Former NWI Executive Director Matt Lund and Romuald Antoine Jr., CPT, CHC