The Gold-standard Wellness Certification

The Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) credential elevates professionals’ reputations, recognizes their competence in the five domains of the NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model, and demonstrates their commitment to ongoing professional development and professional standards.

The CWP credential is awarded to individuals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds, such as worksite wellness, coaching, public health, education, human resources, counseling, nutrition, social work, and more, who meet eligibility criteria and successfully complete the CWP certification examination (offered in January, May, and September). 

Certified Wellness Practitioners:

  • Advance inclusive cultures of well-being for all through the initiation of individual, organizational, and cultural change.
  • Build valuable connections with inter-disciplinary professionals.
  • Attain leadership opportunities that help shape the trajectory of the wellness profession.
  • Enhance their professional skills with access to all NWI member benefits, CWP-exclusive networking opportunities, discounts on continuing education, and more.
  • Differentiate themselves in the ever-expanding field of wellness.


Review your eligibility, register for the next exam, and prepare to earn your Certified Wellness Practitioner designation.


Certify and upskill your team, recruit and hire Certified Wellness Professionals, or offer continuing education to CWPs.


Earn and track CECs, access resources, download your certificate, search jobs, recertify, and more. (Login required.)

Why Become a CWP

Why Become a CWP?

A Message from Suzanne Hunt, MPH, CHC, CWP
Professional Development Strategist

Discover what sets the Certified Wellness Practitioner certification apart and how you can benefit from earning this gold-standard credential.


Important Dates for the CWP Exam

The CWP examination is administered three times per year, starting on the second Tuesday of January, May, and September. Individuals must register for the exam by the Thursday before the start of the exam period and may complete the online exam at any time during the two-week exam period for which they are registered.

The calendar below highlights important dates related to the current NWI CWP exam period. To register for the exam, visit LearnWELL.


“[The CWP] makes me a stronger coach…and it encourages you to take it a step further…and keep on learning and not be stagnant.”

Ellen Corey, NBC-HWC, CWP
Health & Wellness Coach

Hear more from Ellen

“I have gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to lead organizations towards a culture of wellness.”

LaBarron Burwell, MSA, CWP, CPT
Leadership & Management Consultant

Hear more from LaBarron

“I’ve been able to use my CWP to help write a few curricula that include some topics that [the university] had never included.”

Fabiana Cheistwer, MS, CWP
Wellness Director

Hear more from Fabiana


Wellness Competency Model
The NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model

The NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model serves as the standard for the Certified Wellness Practitioner certification. Encompassing a total of 27 competencies within five domains, this ground-breaking resource aids in curriculum development, recruitment and hiring, continuing professional development, and certification in the wellness field.

In collaboration with Butler University, NWI intentionally designed nine eLearning courses to support competency-building in the domains of this competency model.

Council on Wellness Certification Excellence (CWCE)

The CWCE continually reviews and maintains CWP certification standards. This council serves as the decision-making body to evaluate, provide oversight, and give guidance on CWP policies and procedures, and sets continuing education requirements. The CWCE does not require CWP candidates to complete courses, trainings, or conference sessions offered by the National Wellness Institute to be eligible to sit for the certification examination.

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