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Collaborate with the worldwide voice of the wellness community.
  • 80% of respondents from the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends survey identified wellness as being an important or very important priority for organizational success.
  • Large employers in the United States spent on average $762 per employee for wellness.
  • In 2018, $53.6 billion was spent by US corporations and are estimated to reach $90.7 billion by 2026. And this data was prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • Return to work is a major issue for your members today.  A key factor of success is the proper training and development of wellness champions. 

What are you doing to train your member’s wellness champions? 

The National Wellness Institute is the worldwide voice of the wellness community. We have spent five decades researching and developing high-level wellness courses to train wellness leaders.

    NWI’s courses are rooted in academic research.  The courses we develop train those who train others.  They are designed and developed by subject matter experts and delivered by practitioners for practitioners. Our courses, tools and resources align with the Six Dimensions of Wellness Model, which was the foundation for the formation of NWI. 

All champions of wellness are our learners.  NWI trains and educates internal champions, vendors, consultants, coaches, and community leaders with the competencies to drive and deliver a comprehensive, multidimensional, and multicultural high-level wellness strategy.

 Why collaborate with NWI?

We are the credentialing body for wellness leaders (Certified Wellness Practitioner).  We provide the independent training your members need to make informed decisions for their comprehensive, multidimensional, multicultural high-level wellness strategy.   Already have a wellness offering as a member benefit?  Excellent!  Let’s expand that offering!  Concerned NWI might be a competitor of your sponsors or members who provide wellness services? Chances are we trained them.     

A win-win partnership 

Since 1977, The National Wellness Institute has been laser focused on ensuring wellness leaders have the proficiency to make better decisions about their wellness strategy.   In 2021, we know the right thing to do is to expand this focus out to partners like you.  Partnering with NWI is a win-win proposition.  

In addition to helping expand what you and your members are already offering, NWI also looks to provide:

  1. Revenue-share of 30% for the courses offered.
  2. Special Chamber member only pricing.
  3. A turnkey promotional and marketing campaign.


88% of corporations offer workplace wellness, however less than 20% have a formally outlined wellness strategy (WillisTowersWatson)

About 77% of employees believe workplace wellness programs positively impact the company culture (Forbes

86% of healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions and 70% of chronic conditions are attributable to lifestyle practices.  (NIH)

Well-designed wellness programs lead to a return on investment (ROI) of $1.50 to $3 per dollar spent over a timeframe of two-to-nine years

Courses you can offer your members immediately. 

These courses are designed to help wellness leaders drive change   

Worksite Wellness Specialist & Program Manager – NWI’s Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) and Program Manager (CWWPM) certificate courses position wellness experts to be leaders in their profession while improving the health and wellness of employees and organizations. Supported by current research and best practices, these courses are recognized as the premier training programs for high-level worksite wellness professionals. Interactive courses are purposefully designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools necessary to create and sustain a comprehensive wellness strategy.

High-Level Wellness Through Multicultural Competency – Multicultural Competency is at the forefront for every business, community, and wellness leader, and it should be. This first-of-its-kind training is a highly engaging, self-paced course designed by multicultural competency subject matter experts that incorporates NWI’s world-renowned Six Dimensions of Wellness and Multicultural Wellness Wheel, as well as meets the rigorous standards of the evidence-based Wellness Promotion Competency Model. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, strategies, and CECs required to deliver multicultural competency compliance, policies, procedures, assessments, and programming.

Financial Wellness Facilitator –  One of the most important life skills needed to thrive is the ability to manage stress.  Coping with stress is a critical skill, but the best way to manage stress is to reduce what is causing it.  At the top of the list of stressors is finances.  The solutions being offered today tend to focus on budgeting, debt reduction, and retirement planning.  All very important, but unless the individual’s relationship with money changes, nothing will change.  The 5 Essentials for Financial Wellness and The Case for Financial Wellness eLearning courses prepare you to offer financial life skills that will help employees make better decisions with their money for years to come.  

Change Compass SeriesWe live in a world where the pace of change is accelerating. In this powerful series of self-paced eLearning courses, participants will come to understand the factors that influence the ability of companies to drive change successfully. After all, companies that create the right environment, culture, or contexts for employees to change are likely to be more successful in the future. The Change Compass series helps companies identify and learn what it takes to create a culture for healthy change: What is worth changing? How do you get people to make necessary changes?

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