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Know Your Culture.

What is getting in the way of change?

How effective is your wellness program?

Any successful well-being professional needs to know how effective their wellbeing program is at making people healthier, and what might be done to improve it. The Wellness Program Survey is designed to be issued to your employees to gain deep insight into their views of the program. You give us details of whom you want the survey sent to, we provide access to our survey tool and will prepare a custom report on the findings once they are in.

Is your workplace culture supporting change?

Looking to drive change in a workplace through health and well-being? The 16Q Culture Assessment is a short assessment that will give you some insights. You can complete it yourself or ask others to complete the survey and share the results with you.

Need something deeper?

The Company Change Readiness survey provides deep insight into the change-readiness of your culture.

Know yourself. Know Others.

Are you ready for change? Is your client ready for change?

View Individual Assessments

Know your Space.

Have you created and shaped a healthy working space?

View Healthy Spaces Assessment 

Design a better environment. And change will happen naturally.

About Change Craft

Change Craft was founded by long-standing friends Colin Bullen and Hanlie van Wyk following the buyout of the Behavioral Research and Applied Technologies Laboratory (‘BRATLAB’) from Habits at Work. Through a combination of actuarial and behavioral psychology skills and experience, they offer a novel insight into the world of healthy habit adoption. Their mission is to help people live healthy, happier lives by working with the companies that employ them to create contexts that make healthy behavior the natural choice.

Change Craft offers online training and assessments, as well as access to the BRATLAB research resources, backed up with face-to-face and virtual workshops, coaching, consulting and related services.