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Lead the Change for Healthy Behaviors

Develop the Skills to Create a Culture for Wellbeing in your Company, or for your Client 

Do you find that your company, or client, is resistant to healthy behaviors? Do employees find it hard to engage in health behavior change? When change happens, do people often revert to old bad habits once the campaign is over? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Change Compass series is for you!

Healthy behavior needs a healthy culture in which to grow and thrive. In this set of self-paced eLearning courses offered in collaboration with Virtuositeam, you will engage in a process of learning about what it takes to create a culture for healthy change. The Change Compass series begins with a free introductory course that provides the basic framework you will need for future learning. There is then a practical course on how to “Become a Change Agent,” with optional follow-up courses offering a deeper dive into how to create “healthy habit prescriptions,” as well as a more detailed review of some of the influence methods you can deploy. The courses are completed entirely online, although the “Become a Change Agent” course will require you to undertake practical exercises with a “buddy.”

Who Are These Courses For?

If you are looking to apply your skills to a population whose health-related behaviors you’d like to improve, these courses are for you. You could be in HR, heading up wellness, delivering wellness products and services into a corporate client base, or leading a community-wide wellness initiative. Once you have been through the initial training, you might want to recruit others to become change agents with you. Interested in providing a training to a group? Contact us for details.

Course Registration

All Change Compass courses, and payment processing, are offered through Virtuositeam’s online learning platform. Current NWI members receive 15% off registration fees for the courses listed below — join NWI & save! 

Get more details and register for the courses listed below via the Virtuositeam course catalog.

We recommend that you complete the free “Introduction: Design Your Culture for Change” course before registering for other courses in the Change Compass series. Completing the “Become a Change Agent” before taking any additional courses is then highly recommended.

Change Compass Courses

Free Introduction: Design Your Culture for Change

This introductory course will teach you about the factors that influence the ability of companies to drive change successfully. Whether the required change relates to health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, leadership, digital transformation or something else, companies that create the right environment, culture or contexts for employees to change are likely to be more successful in the future. After all, we live in a world where the pace of change is accelerating. (1 CEC; Unlimited Access; completing this course before registering for other courses in the series is recommended )

FREE for Everyone!

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Become a Change Agent

Positively influencing others, and quickly bringing about beneficial change that is long-lasting, is a life skill that is necessary for almost all situations. If you have not been able to achieve this, either at work or at home, the Change Agent Program will show you the way. The course includes four 1.25-hour modules; completing one module per week is suggested. (5 CECs; 60-day Access)

NWI Members: $250.75 | Non-members: $295

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Methods for Creating and Sustaining Positive Habits

This course takes a deep-dive into methods of influence that can be used to create and sustain new habits. Each method is explained in detail, including how it can be applied, other methods with which it works well, case studies of it applied in practice and lists for further reading or watching.  (2 CECs; 180-day Access)

NWI Members: $293.25 | Non-members: $345

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Habit Prescriptions: Which habits are worth adopting?

This course helps you understand which habits matter and get the best outcomes. The answer is somewhat dependent on what type of stakeholder is asking the question. We have focused on three stakeholder groups: insurers, employers, and members, or people, and the broad category of outcomes that are of interest to them: costs and growth, productivity, and life quality. (1.5 CECs; 30-day Access)

NWI Members: $165.75 | Non-members: $195

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Influence Through Spaces

This course is designed for professionals and senior employees with the ability to shape working environments to more effectively land wellness and change programs. Discover what it takes to change the physical environment to help people adopt new healthier and high-performing habits. (3 CECs; 30-day Access)

NWI Members: $80.75 | Non-members: $95

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About Virtuositeam

Virtuositeam was founded by long-standing friends Colin Bullen and Hanlie van Wyk following the buyout of the Behavioral Research and Applied Technologies Laboratory (‘BRATLAB’) from Habits at Work. Through a combination of actuarial and behavioral psychology skills and experience, they offer a novel insight into the world of healthy habit adoption. Their mission is to help people live healthy, happier lives by working with the companies that employ them to create contexts that make healthy behavior the natural choice.

Virtuositeam offers online training and assessments, as well as access to the BRATLAB research resources, backed up with face-to-face and virtual workshops, coaching, consulting and related services.

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