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Multicultural Competency Certificate

Cultivating High-Level Wellness for All 

The term Multicultural Competency is at the forefront of the minds of every business, community, and wellness leader, and it should be. Gain tools and skills to lead the change through effective and meaningful ways of engaging individuals whose worldviews are different from your own, while championing high-level wellness for everyone.   

High-Level Wellness Through Multicultural Competency Certificate Course

Learn effective and meaningful ways to assist and engage individuals from walks of life different from your own in maintaining and enhancing wellness with this 6-week self-paced online course.
2021 Trainings

Sept. 21 – Nov. 1
Nov. 9 – Dec. 20

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This first-of-its-kind training is a highly engaging, self-paced course designed by multicultural competency subject matter experts that incorporates the National Wellness Institute’s world-renowned Six Dimensions of Wellness and Multicultural Wellness Wheel, as well as meets the rigorous standards of the evidence-based Wellness Promotion Competency Model.    

Upon completion, you are equipped with fundamental knowledge, realistic strategies, and applicable tools for delivering multicultural competency compliance, policies, procedures, assessments, and programming that cultivate a culture of high-level wellness for all. 

Course Content 

The self-paced online course includes the following elements, which must be completed before the end of the 6-week course for which you are enrolled to earn your Multicultural Competency in Wellness Professional Certificate. Participants should plan to dedicate 3-5 hours per week to complete all course elements.  

  • Module 1: “Introduction to Multicultural Competency in Wellness”  
  • Module 2: “Fundamentals of Multicultural Competency in Wellness”
  • Module 3: “Multiculturally Competent Wellness Strategies and Compliance”
  • Module 4: “Assessing and Evaluating Multicultural Competency and Compliance in Wellness” 
  • Discussion Forum + Optional weekly facilitator office hours
  • Self-Reflection Gallery 
  • Multicultural Competency Continuous Learning Portfolio 
  • Adaptive Assessment 
  • Course Evaluation 

 Following the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Design an action plan based on at least three personal, cultural biases/values that can influence one’s worldview. 
  2. Describe the ways multicultural competency improves and adds value to wellness delivery/access for individuals, communities, and organizations. 
  3. Differentiate policies/procedures that do (or do not) promote multiculturally competent wellness practices. 
  4. Contrast at least three current trends/cultural shifts that impact wellness strategies.   
  5. Identify at least two Multicultural Competency strategies to enhance wellness in various settings. 
  6. Define multicultural competency and identify ways to integrate HR compliant diversity, inclusion, and equity/multicultural competency best practices. 
  7. Describe at least two strategies to assess or evaluate multicultural competency of individuals, programs, or organizations in a wellness context 

Who Should Take the Course? 

Worksite wellness practitioners, health and wellness coaches, consultants, clinicians, public health professionals, health educators, government officials, faculty/teachers, HR leaders, community wellness and non-profit leaders, diversity/inclusion/equity officers, and benefits/total rewards specialists. 

Continuing Education Credit 

Participants can earn 10 re-certification (continuing education) credits upon completion of this course. Click here for more details and a current list of organizations that have pre-approved this course for credit. 

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