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Empowered Health Consciousness

Empowered Health Consciousness:
The Wellness Alternative

Most adverse incidents that occur are proceeded by triggers. These are small daily irritations, or triggers, that over time cause strain and exhaustion. Health Consciousness enables us to be proactively empowered to recognize the triggers before they accumulate. Health consciousness helps us to be alert to our tolerance for the problems that arise in life, as well as when we “relapse” into unhealthy behaviors that may cause adversity, or in response to adverse circumstances. Having health consciousness skills enables us to create an environment that fosters resilience, making it far more likely that we’ll be resilient when difficulties arise.

Earn Your Certificate as an Empowered Health Consciousness Facilitator and be able to offer the “Empowered Health Consciousness: The Wellness Alternative” training to others!

Individuals who earn a Facilitator Certificate through NWI will be able to use the tools, resources, and techniques provided in the certificate course to train students, employees, and clients in various settings in the topic presented.

The information that follows details the program for “Empowered Health Consciousness.” We recommend that those who complete this training also go through our Resilience and Thriving: The Secret Power of Stress training, as training for both areas reinforces the skills we can acquire for each, which supports ongoing learning, consciousness and a culture of learning and growing together.

Resilience is about preparing for and learning from adversity. Resilience is how we respond to what has happened. The more resilient we are, the more capable we are not only to learn from what we have experienced but to see the potential in a problem. Resilience can be transformative. 

Empowered Health Consciousness and Resilience work together to create a culture of awareness and learning in which people respond to adversity with resilience.

Adult use of prescription drugs can be a significant problem. Not only does it affect health and productivity, but parents with problems can also impact their children’s well-being. Wellness professionals can play a positive role in educating adults in primary prevention and about healthy alternatives to prescription drugs, when appropriate. We can empower people in their own health consciousness, so they can make healthier choices for themselves.

The National Wellness Institute’s facilitator certificate course—based on an evidence-informed program developed by Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS), with funding from the U.S. Department of Health (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency, SAMHSA)—provides information and tools to bring health consciousness and prescription drug misuse awareness to the workplace and beyond.

To earn a Certificate as an Empowered Health Consciousness Facilitator, and be able to offer the “Empowered Health Consciousness: The Wellness Alternative” training to others, participants must successfully complete all elements of the online certificate course and pass an online exam.

The “Empowered Health Consciousness: The Wellness Alternative” course provides information about the risks associated with prescription drug misuse, emphasizes protective factors (at individual and social levels) that help to prevent misuse, discusses misuse problems in the workplace and solutions, and encourages health-conscious alternatives to prescription drug use.

Certificate course participants may use the slide deck, facilitator notes, handouts, case studies, and engaging Jeopardy-style game provided in the training in their own workshops, trainings, and client presentations. The tools are also very helpful for coaching individuals who may be at-risk for prescription misuse. Note: This is a course in primary prevention of prescription drug problems and NWI does not advocate use as an intervention or for treatment.

Online Course Content

  • Preview: A 30-minute video preview of core concepts and competencies related to the course sent to enrolled students at least two days prior to course start date
  • Session 1: A 2.5-hour online live and interactive webinar that immerses participants in course content
  • Session 2: A 2-hour online live and interactive webinar review of course materials, logistics, fidelity, and evaluations
  • Exam: A final exam is required for receipt of professional certificate and continuing education credit

Upcoming Trainings

Each training includes a preview video, 2 facilitated online sessions, and an online exam. Participants will receive 5 continuing education credits (CEC)

Sign up early: Space is limited to 20 participants per training for the online program.  Once full, you can register for placement on our waitlist to be notified if an opening becomes available. This course will be offered online quarterly.

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“Empowered Health Consciousness: The Wellness Alternative” is offered collaboration with Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS) and is part of our Elements of Thriving trainings.

About the Presenter

Joel Bennett, PhD, has authored over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as five books, including Raw Coping Power, Well-Being Champions, Time & Intimacy, Heart-Centered Leadership, and Preventing Workplace Substance Abuse.

Click here to read Dr. Bennett’s article, “The Opioid Epidemic, A Team-Based Approach to Prevention”, published in Workspan Magazine in January, 2018.

Questions about this course?

Email [email protected] or call NWI at 715-342-2969.

Important Note: This training supports participant’s continued use, as medically prescribed, of prescription drugs. At the same time, it encourages participants to review how they use prescription drugs in ways that support their health and well-being. This training also will review processes and healthy lifestyles/alternatives that participants are invited to consider. Because knowledge in this area is continually growing, the course itself continues to change and welcomes input from all participants.

Cancellation Policy: NWI Event Cancellation Policy: Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. A charge of 10% of the registration fee will be made for cancellations received in writing (or e-mailed with confirmation received) more than 15 business days prior to the start of the event. A charge of 50% of the registration fee will be assessed for cancellations received 15 or less business days prior to the start of the event. No refunds will be given for cancellation of webinars. If you have any questions regarding your registration, contact NWI.

Empowered Health Consciousness 
Facilitator Certificate

Learn to teach this proactive well-being solution, helping others to recognize when they are off-track and to identify healthy alternatives to things such as prescription drugs.


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