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Know yourself. Know Others.

Are you ready for change? Is your client ready for change?

The truth is, you change effortlessly and all the time. The primary job of the brain is to adjust your behavior based on the environment. The idea that “change is hard” is one of the biggest myths about human behavior.

So why do people struggle to change?

The Change Readiness Assessment is for any individual thinking about how they can be more successful at creating beneficial change in their lives or make this possible for their clients.

What kind of influencer are you?

Find out how your way of being and the forces that drive you can be used positively to influence change for good. Channel the power of social contagion to accelerate the spread of healthy lifestyles amongst those closest to you.

Share this quick, fun, and free assessment with anyone looking to discover their Change Agent Superpower and load their picture to this influence map!

Know your Culture.

What is getting in the way of change

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Know your Space.

Have you created and shaped a healthy working space?

View Healthy Spaces Assessment 

Design a better environment. And change will happen naturally.

About Change Craft

Change Craft was founded by long-standing friends Colin Bullen and Hanlie van Wyk following the buyout of the Behavioral Research and Applied Technologies Laboratory (‘BRATLAB’) from Habits at Work. Through a combination of actuarial and behavioral psychology skills and experience, they offer a novel insight into the world of healthy habit adoption. Their mission is to help people live healthy, happier lives by working with the companies that employ them to create contexts that make healthy behavior the natural choice.

Change Craft offers online training and assessments, as well as access to the BRATLAB research resources, backed up with face-to-face and virtual workshops, coaching, consulting and related services.