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Together, We Are the Worldwide Voice of Wellness!

Wellness is evolving at an unprecedented rate. At the National Wellness Institute, we deliver the professional development, tools, research, and resources needed to keep up with the evolution. Now, more than ever, there is a critical need to properly activate and sustain high-level wellness initiatives where you live, work, play, learn, and reflect. NWI members are equipped to develop the competencies, connections, and skills to grow, succeed, and lead the change.

Why join the NWI Community?


NWI members are recognized as leaders and change-makers
in multidimensional wellness.

  • Earn professional certificates
  • Expand your influence as a wellness facilitator
  • Distinguish yourself through NWI’s training and education

Why join the NWI Community?


NWI members are committed to cultivating cultures of high-level wellness.

  • Learn how to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices
  • Support the mission of the NWI by serving on a working committee
  • Share your successes for elevating evidence-informed wellness programming

Why join the NWI Community?


NWI members stay WELL Connected to a diverse network
of industry professionals.

  • Engage with your peers inside NWI’s online community
  • Grow your network, influence future leaders, and mentor others
  • Connect to international experts utilizing NWI’s Membership Directory

Why join the NWI Community?


NWI members activate high-level wellness where they
live, work, play, learn, and reflect. 

  • Inspire positive change and promote sustainable wellness strategies
  • Create opportunities to help others reimagine and prioritize wellness
  • Develop customized initiatives with exclusive resources, tools, and services

Membership Benefits That Elevate Your Career

  • Earn your continuing education credits (CECs) from NWI
  • Expand your competencies with gold-standard courses, events, webinars, and forums for free or at discounted member rates
  • Stay current on the latest trends, laws, research, and evidence-informed best practices
  • Utilize NWI’s global collaboration forum to elevate your well-being strategies
  • Learn the standards of excellence for practices, policies, and systems.
  • Access an array of member-exclusive offerings and opportunities
  • Add your voice for wellness by writing articles for the NWI Journal
  • Differentiate yourself in the industry by preparing for and maintaining your Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) designation
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Free & Discounted Benefits

Free Benefits:

  • NWI Resource Library
  • Live and on-demand educational webinars (CECs)
  • NWI’s online member community and membership directory
  • “Core Plus” Membership from the Foundation for Financial Wellness

Discounted Benefits:

  • Member pricing on certificate programs and facilitator trainings
  • Member pricing on all fee-based courses and events
  • Member pricing on journals and publications
  • Member pricing on sponsorship

Partner Services

  • Competitive health and income protection plans for your business
  • Multi-employer 401(k) retirement programs for your business
  • Affordable Employee Assistance Program (EAP) solution
  • Member-only discounts with select partner programs

A Membership to Meet Your Unique Needs

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NWI Individual Membership

Individual Membership includes full access to all NWI member benefits for one individual:

  • One Year Payment Plan = $14 per month
  • One Year Pre-paid = $150 (save $18)
  • Limited-time Offer through 10/1/23! Two Years Prepaid = $200 (save $100)
  • Three Years Pre-paid = $360 (save $144)

Join as a NEW Individual Member

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NWI Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership includes full access to all NWI benefits for one account administrator and four subaccounts:

  • One Year Pre-paid = $400 | Each additional subaccount over four = $60 each
  • Limited-time Offer through 10/1/23! Two Years Pre-paid = $700 | Each additional subaccount over four = $110 each
  • Three Year Pre-paid = $1,000 | Each additional subaccount over four = $150 each
    *If adding more than 20 subaccounts, contact NWI about Bulk Membership pricing

Join as a NEW Organizational Member

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NWI Student Membership

Student Membership includes full access to all NWI member benefits for one full-time* student:

  • One Year Pre-paid = $35
    * Must provide verification of full-time student status
    *Include all benefits of Individual Membership; additional discounts available to select NWI events
    *To learn more about starting a Student Chapter, please contact NWI at 715-342-2969 or NWI@nationalwellness.org

During the registration process, you will be asked to upload proof of full-time student status. To qualify for the Student membership rate, you must be enrolled in at least 9 current credits at the undergraduate level or 8 current credits at the graduate or doctoral level. Acceptable documents includes a copy of any ONE of the following dated items:

  • Letter from your registrar’s office acknowledging your full-time status
  • Current course schedule verifying your credit load
  • Receipt of tuition if it includes the current schedule with course load

NWI reviews all Student membership registrations within 3 business days of receiving payment. If proof of full-time status is missing or determined to be inadequate, access to your membership account will be suspended until acceptable proof is received. In such instances, NWI will notify you via email. Student membership payments will not be refunded and will be kept as a processing fee in the event of inadequate proof of full-time student status.

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NWI Bulk Memberships

Our Bulk Membership option is designed for organizations with over 25 active Individual Members. A perfect solution for brokers, chambers, educational institutions, and/or healthcare systems looking to gift clients, patients, students, and/or employed team members with NWI Membership, we offer exceptional pricing as low as $10 per person per year.

To learn more, please contact NWI at 715-342-2969 or NWI@nationalwellness.org.

NWI Guest Account

NWI Guests may register for events as a non-member and enjoy limited engagement* with our worldwide network of wellness leaders inside NWI’s online community, for FREE!

*Does not include access to member-only services, discounts, or featured benefits
*Does not include access to member-only groups, forums, or discussion boards
*Does not include access to the full NWI Membership Directory

Create an NWI Guest Account

Upgrade to an NWI Membership

WWCMA/NWI Membership

WorksiteWellness min

The Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts (WWCMA) offers guest accounts and dual membership options for individuals, students, and organizations. As a dual member, you will receive full member benefits from both WWCMA and NWI.

Join as a WWCMA/NWI Member

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