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Welcome to your NWC 2022 Sponsorship Headquarters!

This page is intended to provide up-to-the-moment details about this year’s event to help you prepare, plan, and get the most out of your conference experience with both our in-person and virtual attendees. We can’t thank you enough for your participation and financial support of our vision and mission. As the worldwide voice of the wellness community, NWI is committed to expanding and developing the competencies of all wellness professionals, everywhere.

We couldn’t do our work without you.

Toward the goal of increasing awareness of the wide array of products, services, and custom offerings available through our valued sponsors, NWI intends to share your information and promote your organizations during this year’s conference and throughout the year in a variety of formats. All sponsors will be featured before, during, and after the conference on the NWI website, the NWC conference webpage, the NWI Journal, all social media channels, and in the 2022 NWC in-person and virtual online program guides. In addition, we are planning exciting post-conference promotions that will keep your name top-of-mind…stay tuned for more details as they become available.

To get started, click through the steps included below and take action on any items still outstanding. If you have questions along the way, reach out and connect with the NWI Growth Initiatives Team at [email protected] or 715-342-2969. We look forward to seeing you and your team in sunny Orlando in just a few short weeks!

Confirm Your Sponsorship

Submit Your Marketing Collateral

Register Reps and Secure Travel

Prepare for Your Exhibitor Display

Share and Promote NWC

Frequently Asked Questions


Confirm Your Sponsorship 

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  • If not yet complete, submit the Sponsor Information & Agreement Form.
  • If not yet complete, submit payment as soon as possible. Each sponsor received a direct invoice payment link in their Sponsor Information Letter; the link can be reobtained by contacting the NWI Growth Initiatives Team at [email protected] or calling 715-342-2969).


Register Your Representatives and Secure Your Travel 

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  • Conference Waivers
    Showcase Sponsorships include two (2) complimentary conference waivers. Champion of Wellness, Voice of Wellness, and Pillar of Wellness Sponsorships include three (3) complimentary conference waivers. Waivers are all-access passes to the National Wellness Conference and are intended to be used for company representatives attending the event and interacting with conference attendees at the sponsor’s exhibitor booth.

    Additional waivers can be purchased for $250 each (vs $875 for members or $925 for non-members) by contacting the NWI Growth Initiatives Team.  

    Waivers can be activated here using the code NWC22SPO1 at checkout. Please note that registrants will need to log in to their existing NWI Member Account or create a Guest Account to complete the registration process. To learn more about NWI Membership and adding it to your sponsorship package, please contact the NWI team at [email protected] or 715-342-2969. 


  • Hotel and Travel
    Discounted hotel rooms and travel arrangements can be booked here. To take advantage of the deeply reduced hotel rates available exclusively to NWI (just $199 per room vs $300+ online), use the online link provided and book no later than May 31, 2022.


Share the National Wellness Conference with Your Network

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This year’s conference theme is “WELL CONNECTED,” and we want your team, friends, family, community, and professional network to have the opportunity to do just that! For the past 47 years, the National Wellness Conference has brought together a myriad of wellness leaders from around the globe to learn, connect, and grow. NWC is the place for all individuals to meet, network, share ideas, collaborate, and tap into some of the brightest minds in wellness. After two years of unknowns, WELL Connected is our first in-person event since 2019 and we could not be more excited to gather. There has never been a better time to join us!

How can you help spread the word about this year’s event and drive in-person and/or virtual attendance?


  • Your network of associates, colleagues, family members, and friends can enjoy a special $50 DISCOUNT off their registration for the in-person or virtual conference using your unique custom discount code (located in your Sponsor Information Letter, on your social media cards, or available from the NWI Growth Initiatives Team) at checkout. There are NO LIMITS to the number of discounts you can share and, each week—as a token of our appreciation for your sponsorship and to promote your brand—our marketing and promotional team will be sending sponsor codes out to our network of nearly 100,000 contacts.
  • Email and social media are one of the fastest and easiest ways to share your support of and promote this year’s WELL Connected event. We have included several complimentary social media cards for you to download and share. For social media, please use the following hashtags: #2022NWC #WELLConnected, and #NWC. We also invite you to tag NWI (@NationalWellnessInstitute) on your posts, if desired.


Submit Your Marketing & Promotional Collateral

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Toward the goal of increasing awareness of the products and services available through our valued sponsors, NWI will share sponsor details throughout the year in a variety of formats. All NWC sponsors will be featured before, during, and after the conference on the NWI website (, the NWC conference webpage (, the NWI Journal (, all social media channels, and in the 2022 NWC in-person and virtual online program guides.

To drive awareness of who you are and the offers available to NWI members and guests, please consider taking immediate action on each of the following:

  • Action Item #1 (required): Submit a full-page, 8.5” x 11” promotional flyer for the NWC digital program guide in high-resolution PDF format. Flyers will be available to all in-person and virtual conference attendees and to those who purchase the post-conference on-demand session package.
  • Action Item #2 (optional): Submit a 30-second informational video in MP4 format. These sponsor “ads” will be promoted prior to (NWI website, emails, newsletters, social media, etc.) and during the conference (breaks, general sessions, live stream, etc.). Please note that videos must be NO LONGER than 30 seconds in length and NWI reserves the right to trim longer videos, if needed.
  • Action Item #3 (optional): As an additional promotion opportunity, sponsors are invited to submit one or more half-page flyers (PDF format, 8.5” x 5.5”) and/or promotional images (PDF, PNG, or JPG format, 1800px x 1800px) to be shared before, during, and/or after the conference across multiple marketing platforms.

ALL collateral must be submitted to NWI using this online Sponsor Collateral Submission Form NO LATER THAN June 1, 2022.


Prepare for Your Exhibitor Display 

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Our plans for this year’s event include a highly engaging, interactive, and innovative exhibition hall. Toward that goal, we encourage sponsors to tap into their creativity, think outside the box, and come prepared to have FUN! What can you offer that promotes high-level wellness (“Functioning optimally within the current environment”), well-being, and being/staying WELL Connected? In what ways can you set your exhibit space apart? How can you engage attendees and draw attention to your offerings?

Schedule of Events and Exhibitor Showcase:

  • Click here to view the in-person conference agenda
  • Click here to view the exhibitor hall layout and assigned exhibitor spaces (coming soon)

Set-up and Tear Down:

  • Exhibitor Set-Up > Sunday, June 26 | 1:00pm to 4:00pm ET
  • Welcome to Wellness Grand Opening & Exhibitor Showcase > Sunday, June 26 | 5:00pm to 7:00pm ET
  • Day One Exhibitor Showcase > Monday, June 27 | 8:30am to 4:30pm ET
  • Day Two Exhibitor Showcase > Tuesday, June 28 | 8:30am to 4:30pm ET
  • Exhibitor Tear Down > Tuesday, June 28 | 4:30pm to 6:00pm ET
  • Day Three (NO Exhibitor Showcase) > Sponsors are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all Day 3 NWC events and join the Healthiest Employer lunch (lunch is included).

Exhibitor Booths Include:

  • Free high-speed internet
  • Open booth space (please note that pipe and drape are not provided)
  • One 6′ table and two chairs (additional chairs available upon request)
  • If you need electricity, click here ($125; deadline to purchase is June 1)

Shipping Exhibitor Supplies:

  • Exhibitors needing to ship items to and/or from the hotel will need to contract with the onsite FedEx office directly (click here to download complete instructions):
    FedEx Office Business Center
    Orlando World Center Marriott
    8701 World Center Drive
    Orlando, FL 32821
    Phone: 407.239.6411
    Fax: 407.239.6164

Optional Opportunities

  • NWC Prizes and Giveaways
    Throughout our three-day event and the remainder of the year, NWI plans to share an array of gifts and prizes donated by our sponsors. If you would like to provide items beyond those that will be available at your exhibit, please submit details on the Sponsor Collateral Submission Form and a member of our team will connect with you to coordinate delivery details.
  • NWI Journal Articles
    Our NWI Journal is the go-to magazine for all wellness professionals to access evidence-informed articles that support NWI’s Six Dimensions of Wellness, Wellness Promotion Competency Model, and research that promotes high-level wellness for all. Sponsors are invited to submit relevant and researched articles for consideration and publication. If you would like to submit articles to the NWI Journal, please upload them via the Sponsor Collateral Submission Form. If you have questions about submitting articles, please contact Alyssa at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

competency model
What is the size of my exhibit space and what is provided?

Booth spaces in the Sponsor Showcase exhibit hall are approximately 8′ x 8′ to 10′ x 10′ and include a table, two chairs, and high-speed internet access. Electricity is available for $125 per drop and can be purchased using this payment link. Please note that electricity must be requested and paid for NO LATER THAN June 1, 2022 and cannot be added during the event.

Our conference team is working on the final layout and design of the exhibitor hall with the hotel designer and a final schematic will be uploaded here (and sent via email to all sponsors) once it is released.

Can additional company representatives attend the conference?

Absolutely! Showcase Sponsors have two (2) all-access conference waivers included in their sponsorship packages while our Champion, Voice, and Pillar of Wellness Sponsors receive three (3) all-access waivers. Waivers can be activated using the link and code included in Step #2 above (also sent in your Sponsor Information Letter).

Additional full-access conference waivers can be purchased for just $250 each (vs $825 for members and $975 for non-members) by contacting NWI at 715-342-2969 or [email protected] Once your request has been received, we will send enrollment instructions and an invoice payment link.

Can we promote the conference to our network of clients and/or customers?

Are you kidding? We never turn down referrals! smile

Each sponsor has been issued a unique $50 discount code to share with those interested in attending the in-personal and/or virtual event. It was sent in your Sponsor Information Letter and can also be found on your custom social media share cards. There are no limits to the number of times your code can be used so share, share, share…we appreciate your promotions and support!

What promotional items need to be submitted to NWI prior to the conference?

NWI will be featuring sponsors in a variety of web-based, electronic, and social media promotions before, during, and after this year’s event.

At a minimum, we recommend submitting ONE (1) full-page, high-resolution flyer for the NWC Digital Program Guide and ONE (1) 30-second promotional video that will be played during conference breaks to both our in-person and virtual audiences (please note that NWI reserves the right to trim longer videos). Both will also be used to highlight sponsors during pre-conference promotions and shared via targeted post-conference communications to our audience of nearly 100,000 individuals and organizations spanning the globe.

Please note that all collateral must be sent to NWI using the Sponsor Collateral Submission Form NO LATER THAN June 1, 2022.

In addition, sponsors are invited to submit additional full- or half-page ads, flyers, postcards, or other marketing pieces NWI can keep on file and use to highlight featured products, services, and offerings. We also invite sponsors to donate prizes for giveaways during the conference and throughout the year and submit articles for publication in the NWI Journal. Please contact Alyssa Protsman, Director of Communications and Engagement, at [email protected]).

Is sponsorship of or attendance at the Day 3 Healthiest Employer Luncheon included in our sponsorship package?

Unless otherwise noted in your sponsorship package, the Healthiest Employers of Central Florida Luncheon on Day #3 (Wednesday, June 29th) of the National Wellness Conference is NOT included for sponsors. That said, the event won’t be the same without you! We both invite and encourage all NWC sponsors to join us as we celebrate the award winners and network with a wide array of attendees and business professionals.

You can purchase individual lunch tickets for just $100 per person or secure a reserved table of 8 for just $800. Click here to learn more about the Healthiest Employer award and purchase your tickets. If you have questions, please reach out to the NWI Team at 715-342-3969 or [email protected]

Will I receive attendee information to maintain further contact?

Sponsors of the National Wellness Conference will receive a complete list of registered attendees, including name, company and/or organization name, and a postal mailing address. To honor the privacy of our members and guests, email addresses are NOT provided to sponsors as an innate benefit of sponsorship.

We encourage sponsors to connect with our in-person and virtual attendees throughout the event, collect desired information as it is made available, and implement strategies to build short- and long-term relationships. Sponsors who take advantage of NWI Membership may also network with NWI members, guests, and industry leaders in our exclusive online community, LinkedWELL.

Linked Well