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Apply today to be a 2022 National Wellness Conference Proposal Reviewer!

The peer review process used by the National Wellness Institute (NWI) enhances the efficiency and maximizes the quality of the education offerings to our conference attendees. Individuals selected to serve as volunteers on the NWC 2022 Review Committee will review and recommend proposals within their areas of expertise that have been submitted for the annual conference. NWI has a strong commitment to diversity and the development of multicultural competencies and supports their inclusion in all of its educational programming, and presentations, and throughout its review process. Each year, we encourage review committee applications from a broad range of professionals representing diverse populations and areas of expertise.

Reviewers are selected based on their areas of expertise and the number of proposals submitted within those content areas and their conference review and planning experience. Preference is given to individuals who are familiar with the vision and mission of the National Wellness Institute through active membership and/or participation in previous National Wellness Conferences. Individuals who served on the NWC Proposal Review Committee for the previous two consecutive years (for both the 2020 and 2021 National Wellness Conferences) will not be considered for the 2022 committee but are encouraged to apply next year.

NWI engages more than 20 volunteer subject matter experts to review proposals. To ensure a fair assessment, every proposal is evaluated by a minimum of three volunteer reviewers and is evaluated based upon several criteria. Reviewers may anticipate devoting at least 30 minutes to each proposal review and will be asked to review approximately 20 proposals.

**Reviewers must be available to review proposals beginning January 5, 2022, with all reviews completed through an online form by January 17, 2022.**
Please do not submit an application if you are unavailable during this time.

Thank you for your application to be a 2022 National Wellness Conference Proposal Reviewer!

All applicants will be notified via e-mail of committee acceptance status beginning December 3, 2021.

Questions? E-mail nwc@nationalwellness.org or call 715.342.2969.

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