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High-level wellness cultures train their champions to elevate the employee experience.


Increase revenue by offering expert-led, turnkey wellness solutions from National Wellness Institute. We strive to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and communities through professional development and engagement opportunities.

Expand your wellness offerings with the global expertise of NWI 

The National Wellness Institute is the worldwide voice for the wellness community. You are your clients’ trusted advisor. Together, we can drive positive change for your clients effectively, and in a turnkey approach. 

Earn 30 percent revenue share on all purchases

We do the work. You increase revenue. NWI provides all promotional materials, manages courses and purchases, and offers exclusive territory rights for ongoing implementation and support. Your partners can access programs IMMEDIATELY. No set up required.



Meet your clients’ growing need for wellness programs

Whether your clients have a wellness program currently or interested in starting one, an NWI partnership enables you to offer an enhanced, globally recognized initiative led by some of the top experts in wellness.

“Profits drive your business but it’s the well-being of your people that drives profits.”

-Chuck Gillespie, CEO of the National Wellness Institute

Courses you can offer your members immediately. 

NWI offers the following courses as part of it’s Referral Partner Program for brokers. All courses are backed by academic research, include Continuing Education Credit (CEC) opportunities, and are purposefully designed to help wellness leaders drive positive change. 

Worksite Wellness

NWI’s Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) and Program Manager (CWWPM) certificate courses position wellness experts to be leaders in their profession while improving the health and wellness of employees and organizations. Supported by current research and best practices, these courses are recognized as the premier training programs for high-level worksite wellness professionals. Interactive courses are purposefully designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools necessary to create and sustain a comprehensive wellness strategy.

Financial Wellness

One of the most important life skills needed to thrive is the ability to manage stress.  Coping with stress is a critical skill, but the best way to manage stress is to reduce what is causing it.  At the top of the list of stressors is finances.  The solutions being offered today tend to focus on budgeting, debt reduction, and retirement planning.  All very important, but unless the individual’s relationship with money changes, nothing will change.  The 5 Essentials for Financial Wellness and The Case for Financial Wellness eLearning courses prepare you to offer financial life skills that will help employees make better decisions with their money for years to come.  

Multicultural Competency

Multicultural Competency is at the forefront for every business, community, and wellness leader, and it should be. This first-of-its-kind training is a highly engaging, self-paced course designed by multicultural competency subject matter experts that incorporates NWI’s world-renowned Six Dimensions of Wellness and Multicultural Wellness Wheel, as well as meets the rigorous standards of the evidence-based Wellness Promotion Competency Model. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, strategies, and CECs required to deliver multicultural competency compliance, policies, procedures, assessments, and programming.

Change Compass Series

We live in a world where the pace of change is accelerating. In this powerful series of self-paced eLearning courses, participants will come to understand the factors that influence the ability of companies to drive change successfully. After all, companies that create the right environment, culture, or contexts for employees to change are likely to be more successful in the future. The Change Compass series helps companies identify and learn what it takes to create a culture for healthy change: What is worth changing? How do you get people to make necessary changes?

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