Wellness Diagnostic inventory

NWI’s Wellness Diagnostic Inventory offers an overview of the programs, tools, resources and strategies that are already available to individuals who have access to your wellness initiative. In order to know where you are with your wellness strategy, it is important to know what you have in place. 

With the global health and economic crisis facing workplaces, communities and individuals, it is now more important than ever to offer what you can to keep everyone physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually well. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out, but now you can look at what you have and make a better assessment of what additional services might be helpful for your people. 

Download this inventory today. Want additional insight from your inventory? NWI’s resource library is full of tools, resources and ideas. And we will continue to provide you with more information as we go. 

You are a leader in the fight for our wellbeing, and it will be a long fight. Take the time and know what is best for you, for your people, and for your families. We are here to help. 

Download Your Copy of the Organizational Wellness Inventory PDF

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