Social Justice Through High-Level Wellness for Everyone

We pledge ready to help lead the change to reduce intolerance, discrimination, marginalization, and injustices. We recognize that these things impact the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of each individual, entire communities, and the nation as a whole.

We further pledge to:

  1. Have a greater focus on Multicultural Competency to increase everyone’s intellectual wellness and enable us to support the wellness of all people
  2. Better understand how to Champion Wellness using all Six Dimensions of Wellness (Intellectual, Occupational, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Physical)
  3. Work within a global web of support that brings together great thinking and doing from multiple geographies, spiritualities, cultures, and societies.
  4. Speak up against one-size-fits-all plans for wellness and health because they do not work.
  5. Help create better opportunities to ensure the right tools and resources are available to remove systemic barriers for everyone.
  6. Advocate for mental health and wellness initiatives for communities and/or law enforcement, and when possible, help implement the offerings.

Download Your Copy of the Organizational Wellness Inventory PDF

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