What is TestWell?

TestWell is an online application consisting of a group of wellness assessments designed for health professionals and wellness administrators. The assessment tools can be used individually or together to create an assessment package designed to fit the needs of the client. TestWell consists of the following tools: 

  • HLQ - Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire: is a 50 or 100 question assessment encompassing the full spectrum of wellness categories and designed as an educational and awareness tool. Based on the six-dimensional model of wellness as conceived by Dr. Bill Hettler over 25 years ago, this multi-dimensional model emphasizes the importance creating balance in one's life.
  • HRA - Health Risk Assessment: is an assessment which uses statistics from the Center for Disease Control to calculate the user's top health risks. The assessment reports the user's appraised and achievable health age and provides suggestions for reducing risk and achieving a healthier lifestyle.
  • CQ - Custom Questions: This assessment is created by you the administrator and can include a variety of questions in a flexible choice of formats: one-line text box, check box, radio button, drop-down combo box, list box, or memo. The assessment can include basic validation and individualized help, and can be tied to the other assessments via a unique, computer-generated id number.
  • TPG - Topic for Personal Growth: This is a short assessment which asks the user to checkmark any of the listed topics about which he or she would like more information. The user is provided with a list of custom resources, and the administrator is given popularity counts for each of the topics.



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