Sample Questions

TestWell is designed to serve a wide range of populations.
For the HLQ (Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire) ee offer seven different question sets ranging from adolescent to older adult. You can select to use either the 50 question or 100 question version (except for the older adult, which comes in the 50 question version only)

The HRA (Health Risk Appraisal) consists of the standard questions relating to blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habits, etc but also includes a section of questions designed to assess nutritional behaviors.

The Custom Question Assessment tool is flexible, allowing you to create a question set consisting of any combination of text boxes, dropdown combo boxes, listboxes, checkbox and radio button indicators, and memo fields. You can use these custom question sets to collect extra demographic information, health survey information, or just about any data you feel is necessary to complete your assessment package.

To view these question sets, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
If you don't have it, download it free here:


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