Using TestWell: Overview

Testwell is both easy to use and flexible. It has been used by:

  • Professional Wellness Consultants who like the flexibily TestWell provides in assessing a diverse clientelle; The HLQ has seven assessments to select from. Consultants like the fact that the HLQ reports can be customized to include their own contact information.
  • High School Counselors who like these low cost, paper-saving assessments. They enjoy using the Topics for Personal Growth module to assess the students' topics of interest. They enjoy using the built-in behavior change guide to help students make a positive change in a selected area.
  • University Health and Wellness Educators, who enjoy the ease of administering the HLQ to the entire freshman class without having to print, hand out, collect or score the assessments. They also appreciate the anonymity this tool provides for the student.

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