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These FREE tools, exercises, meditations, and resources are for personal development and to assist wellness professionals, coaches, and students in opening dialogue about personal fulfillment within each of the Six Dimensions of Wellness.

These tools are intended for individual-level self-reflection and goal-setting. In their current form, they are not validated tools and should not be used for research or diagnostic purposes. They are not for an objective assessment of wellness, but rather an individual perception of wellness.

The may only be used with the logos and branding intact as originally downloaded from this website.

Six Dimensions Tool

NWI's Six Dimensions Tool

Developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), this interdependent model, commonly referred to as the Six Dimensions of Wellness, provides the categories from which NWI derives its resources and services.

Download this tool to find out how you can flourish in each of these six areas of your life.

Wholeness Reflection Tool

NWI’s Wholeness Reflection Exercise

During the NWC 2018 facilitated Audacity of Wholeness key-note by Dr. Joel Bennett, participants were asked to complete the wholeness exercise AND share their experience with others.

Download this tool

Dimensions of Life Tool

NWI’s Dimensions of Life Tool

Is your life well-balanced or is it unbalanced?

Which dimensions need the most attention?

Download this tool to help better understand how to balance all Six Dimensions of Wellness in your life.

Focus Survey Tool

NWI’s Wellness Focus Survey Tool

Coaches and students will find this tool particularly helpful! Use NWI’s Wellness Focus Survey to assess a person’s level of fulfillment in each of the Six Dimensions of Wellness.

Download this tool

Wellness Promotion Competency Model

Wellness Promotion Competency Model Handout

The NWI Wellness Promotion Competency Model is a ground-breaking resource to aid in curriculum development, recruitment and hiring, continuing professional development, and certification in the wellness field.

Download this tool

Wellness Inventory

Wellness Diagnostics Inventory

NWI’s Wellness Diagnostic Inventory offers an overview of the programs, tools, resources, and strategies that are already available to individuals who have access to your wellness initiative. In order to know where you are with your wellness strategy, it is important to know what you have in place.

Download this tool

Health Observances Calendar

Health & Wellness Observances Calendar

Each year, NWI compiles and updates a calendar of health and wellness-related holidays and observances for the benefit of NWI members and the general public.

Download this tool and plan a healthy year!

Starting a CWA chapter

Tips on Starting Your Own Chapter of Cycling Without Age

These tips have been provided by Dr. Tori Jennings and Dr. Annie Wetter of the Stevens Point, WI chapter of Cycling Without Age.

Download this tool

Member Exclusive Tools

Want more wellness tools? As a National Wellness Institute member, you gain access to even more wellness tools and resources you can use. Plus you receive access to valuable webinars, connect with other wellness professionals, and stay current with best-practices.

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Financial Wellness Tool

Financial Wellness Tool

The survey tool was developed by the Foundation for Financial Wellness to gauge your personal financial wellness and find areas that you can improve upon.

Hunger Scale

NWI Hunger Scale Tool

Here’s a simple but powerful tool to help you avoid the mistake of waiting until you are starving before you eat. It will also help you avoid eating beyond the point of being satisfied and comfortable.


Self-Gratitude Tool

According to Project Happiness, expressing gratitude has benefits that are emotional and physical. Use this tool to learn the invaluable art of self-gratitude, and enhance the benefits even more!

tress Free Peak Performance Formula

The 5 Steps of the Stress Free Peak Performance Formula

Use this tool to bring yourself back into minfulness, stress-proof your life, and perform at your best.

Mindfulness Meditation Tool

NWI Mindfulness Meditation Tool

The goal of this form of meditation is to bring focus to the present moment, with a detached awareness of thoughts and bodily sensations. Download this helpful tool for simple, clear instructions on how to begin.


NWI Self-Talk Renovation Tool

We invest time to learn to communicate well for our professions, to speak publicly, to have rewarding relationships. It’s just as vital to be aware of how we speak to ourselves. Download this tool to help you increase your mindfulness of that little voice in your head that may need some loving redirection from time to time.

Visioning Tool

NWI’s Visioning Tool

The visioning tool was developed by Dr. Debi Silber, author of The Unshakable Woman and The Unshakable Woman, The Workbook. This 11-page tool is derived from chapter 6 the workbook, and is included in the National Wellness Institute’s Members Toolkit because of its alignment with our Six Dimensions of Wellness.

Understanding Emotional Triggers Tool

NWI’s Understanding Emotional Triggers Tool

The understanding emotional triggers tool was developed by Janet Fouts, author of “When Life Hits the Fan: A Mindful Guide to Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others”. Use this 6-page tool to apply mindfulness exercises to learn to respond to the obstacles in your life instead of reacting.

The Big Goal Exercise

Bryan Falchuk’s “Big Goal Exercise”

This exercise has been provided by Bryan Falchuk, author of the book Do A Day: How to Live a Better Life Every Day.

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