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activate great communities

The most vibrant and economically stable societies in the world have healthy places for their citizens to live, work, learn, play, and reflect.

The evidence is overwhelming that place matters.

  • Zip code is a key indicator of our overall health and well-being. 
  •  Individuals with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices struggle to sustain healthy lifestyles in poor environments.
  • Locally managed wellness and health initiatives that are lead by properly trained people are the most successful.
  • Access to a global network of experts and practitioners to learn from allows for scalability and sustainability. 
  • The built environment has meaningful impact on the health and economic vitality of communities.    

The Wellfinder Initiative drives local and regional strategies that navigate meaningful relationships between community health and economic prosperity.

Communities thrive economically when the overall health and well-being of its citizens are positively impacted. 


Driving economic vitality and shifting mindsets, behaviors, and practices by:
Coproducing a sustainable Healthy Places Initiative
Measuring performance through the Social Activation of Wellness (SAOW)

Convening the table for cooperative solutions. 

Wellfinder allows for leaders in wellness, clinical health, public health, econimic development & business to come together, cooperatively. 

“Everyone has a right to live in a great place. More importantly, everyone has a right to make the place they already live great”

-Fred Kent

Project for Public Spaces

Wellfinder Engine

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No more talk…It is time to ACT WELL, because Action Changes Things! It starts with a conversation between you & the National wellness institute.

Interested in learning more? Ready to get started? Great! Click here or below to request a personal call or to schedule an exploratory meeting with NWI’s CEO & Executive Director, Chuck Gillespie.

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