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Employers are invited to join the Workplace Wellness Partnership

The Workplace Wellness Partnership provides a quarterly forum for employers to share information and ideas on improving employee health and well being. Participating organizations will constitute a broad spectrum of size, industry, and levels of experience with health and wellness.

The Workplace Wellness group will work to provide valuable local, regional, and national subject matter experts in an environment that allows for unfettered access to those leaders in the health and wellness space.

Next Virtual Meeting

Friday, October 16, 10 – 11:30 a.m. ET

Meetings are free to attend. 


Provide a space, free from solicitation, for employers and organizations to share ideas, network with their peers, and hear from local, regional, and nationally recognized leaders in the health and wellness space.

  1. Provide a location, at no cost to participants, to advance the health improvement efforts in the region
  2. Offer a space free from solicitation and discussion-based
  3. Provide subject matter experts to share national and local trends in health and wellness

The Workplace Wellness Partnership is a great forum to understand what is working and what roadblocks are causing stagnation. Hear from CEO’s, subject matter experts, and fellow practitioners about the issues facing wellness at work and potential opportunities for greater engagement. Whether you are just getting started or have developed a high-level wellness initiative at work, this is a great place to ask questions and offer your own solutions.

Workplace Wellness Partnership
Why should an organization join this effort?

As the landscape of health and well-being continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is more important now than ever to work more closely with our peers. Along with the changing landscape, current and future employees are beginning to expect employers to support their efforts to improve overall well-being.

The Workplace Wellness Partnership will provide a space for employers, health systems, and leaders in the health and wellness space to come together to share and learn best practices. Offered at no cost to participants and supports the non-invasive environment that will allow for substantive discussion to improve health improvement efforts.

If you are interested in learning more, attending an upcoming Workplace Wellness Partnership meeting or delegating a member of your organization, please contact Chuck Gillespie at [email protected] or 715-342-2969 x 6 or Jason Scherzinger at [email protected] or 513-516-7199.